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Here is the completely finished Burnham home my daughter purchased from your lot. This is a beautiful home inside and out. This is one of the best pictures I have made, since the grass was resown and I mowed it. Everyone thinks it is a stick-built home. I had one person who did not believe it until he opened an access door in the foundation on the back side, and saw the steel rails.

I have since found out that this home is built identical whether it is sold as a double wide mobile home or a Modular Home. So we refer to it as a house, not a mobile home. We had an open house last week, and the many people that dropped by to see Jennifer's home were shocked at how beautiful it was, and they especially bragged on the interior decor that your team had picked for this home. They could not believe that the decor came with the home.

Thanks for making Jennifer's dreams come true. We are just proud of how beautiful and spacious it is.

Thank you,

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